About us

NS Energy Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of Premium Quality 100% Wood Pellet and White Pellet from agricultural wastes. We understand our customers' business needs, therefore we have a variety of product to suit your requirements. 

NS Energy Co., Ltd.
was established in February 2022 at 144 Moo5 Mae-tha subdistrict, Mae-tha district, Lampang, Thailand 52150, under the support from Northern Siam Seedlac Co., Ltd., the company with almost 40 years in sourcing, manufacturing and exporting Seedlac, Lac dye, Shellac and related products.

"Premium Quality & Reasonable Price"

"High manufacturing capacity: 100 tons / day"



Checking quality before delivery

We check for quality by our laboratory
which ensure moisture content is below agreed level.


Ready to deliver

Ready to deliver 24 hours a day


Collect at site

Alternatively you can collect your order at our factory at
Maetha district, Lampang

Turn agricultural wastes into Cash

NS Energy Co., Ltd. buys agricultural wastes like corn cobs and peels and turn them into compressed biomass fuel aka White (Agricultural) Pellet. Not only does this provide more income to the farmers and neaby communities, but prevent them from burning the waste too. Our pellet gives high heating value, but low in moisture content. Nowadays, pellet is often accepted as one of the alternative fuel choices commonly used throughout Asia and Europe. Simply replace wood chips or wood chunks in any biomass burner such as in electricity generation industry, cement making, industrial boilers and even for household heating system !
Come and sell agricultural wastes with us for cash

Steps in making pellet

Environmentally safe & Community-friendly

At NS Energy Co., Ltd., we always consider the impact on our stakeholders, especially our business partners and nearby communities. We buy recyled wood sticks of "Rain Tree" after the Sticklac is harvested at Northern Siam Seedlac Co., Ltd to comply with BCG and we are fully committed towards using 100% recyled materials for sustainability.

"ตอบโจทย์โมเดลเศรษฐกิจ BCG"



NS Energy Co., Ltd supports local school in Lampang

NS Energy Co., Ltd. attended roadshow at DIPROM MICE CENTER, Lampang, on 23-30 June 2023.

ทดลองระบบการผลิต ชีวมวลอัดเม็ด Wood Pellet


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